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Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Device Replaces Casting For Orthotics

There is new technology that could replace the need for plaster casts used to create orthotic devices. A company called PAL Health Technologies, which is based in Pekin, Illinois, has developed a scanning device that collects and stores the dimensions of the patient’s foot. This new device is called Xtremityscan.

PAL Health Technologies has announced that they will be giving away an Xtremityscan unit this month at the upcoming Western Podiatric Medical Conference in Anaheim, CA. The Xtremityscan will make its debut at the conference.

The Xtremityscan creates a digital, three-dimensional model of a patient’s foot in seconds. The image can be rotated 360 degrees. The image can be displayed as wireframe, surface, and topographical views.

This scanning device has a patient database in which the scan can be stored. The Xtremityscan software can be used by a podiatrist to select the appropriate orthotic device and place an order for the necessary orthotic device through an Internet connection. PAL Health Technologies is a supplier of custom-made orthotic devices. This process speeds up the acquisition of orthotics since it eliminates the time it takes to ship the cast to PAL Health Technologies for their use to create the orthotics.

This would replace the previous method of casting the foot in plaster to obtain a model of the patient’s foot. Having an accurate model of the patient’s foot is necessary for making custom-made orthotics to correct foot problems such as misalignments. Orthotics are a common, non-invasive method of treatment for foot pain and biomechanical problems in the foot.

The Xtremityscan is available as a mobile unit on a cart. It is wireless, and therefore can be easily transported between examination rooms. The Xtremityscan units can be leased from PAL Health Technologies. PAL Health Technologies touts the Xtremityscan device as the complete digital orthotic prescription solution.

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