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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Purchasing Shoes For Toddlers

It is recommended that infants be allowed to be barefoot or wear only socks on their feet. Infant shoes are unnecessary until the child begins to walk. Selecting proper footwear for toddlers who have begun to walk is important, because they supply support, protection, and aid in balance.

When shopping for shoes for a toddler, have them wear socks that would be typically worn with the shoes. Socks made from a natural fiber, such as cotton, are the healthiest choice. A salesperson at the shoe store can measure the toddler’s foot and help find the best fit. If the store does not have salespersons that provide that assistance, take special care that the shoes fit properly.

Some stores have carpet mats that provide outlines of feet at the varying sizes. A toddler or child can stand on the different outlines to find which one matches their foot size. On the mat, the corresponding size is indicated for each outline.

Try the appropriate size shoe on the toddler. Both shoes should be tried on since it is not uncommon for one foot to be slightly larger than the other. The back of the shoe should fit snuggly against the heel, but not so tight as to cause irritation or friction. There should be plenty of room between the largest toe and the front of the shoe. The space between the largest toe and the front of the shoe should be about half an inch.

Shoes should provide support, but be somewhat flexible. Toddlers who are just beginning to walk need the most flexible soles. Leather or rubber soles are recommended.

Periodically check the toddler’s shoes for proper fit. If shoes become too tight, do not delay in replacing them with larger ones. Toddler’s feet grow rapidly. They may need new shoes as frequently as every two to three months.


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