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Friday, July 4, 2008

Recovery From Bunion Surgery

Taking measures to ensure proper healing of the foot and prevent the recurrence of the bunion is important during the recovery from bunion surgery. Patients can take an active approach to receiving the most benefit from the surgery by following their surgeon’s orders and avoiding future use of problematic footwear.

It typically takes three to five weeks to recover from bunion surgery. The patient may experience some swelling for up to six months. During the first five weeks of recovery, a patient should do what they can to allow the foot to heal properly. Patients should be aware of complications and signs of infection.

The doctor should be notified if the bandage comes loose or gets wet. While healing, the person should avoid putting too much weight on the healing foot. The doctor may prescribe the use of a cane, crutches, or a walker after bunion surgery. Walking unassisted on the healing foot too soon after surgery can cause the muscles of the leg to tighten. The doctor will probably want the patient to keep their foot protected by a special postoperative shoe. The postoperative shoe will help cushion the foot and prevent further injury.

The foot should be kept elevated after surgery. The doctor will instruct the patient on elevating the foot and applying ice packs to help reduce swelling. There are certain activity restrictions that should be followed to allow the foot to heal. The patient should not drive during the first week after surgery.

Stiffness in the affected foot is common after surgery. The surgeon may give the patient instructions that include exercises to increase flexibility and strength of the healing foot. The surgeon or doctor is likely to recommend some physical therapy after bunion surgery. Physical therapy is usually started one to two weeks after surgery. It can help decrease stiffness, reduce swelling, decrease pain, and improve the strength of the muscles.

The doctor should be notified immediately if they experience signs of infection. The signs of infection include fever, chills, inflammation of the affected foot, increased pain, and swelling of the calf above the healing foot.


Blogger Karen said...

I have recently had bunion surgery and I have found that applying a few drops of lavander oil mixed in the palm of my hand with a few drops of tea trea oil and very gently aplied to the wound realy helps tremendously with the healing process, I done this about a week after surgery, the inflamation was greatly reduced almost immediatly.


May 23, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

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